Opuwo– Departure / Starting venue
We will meet in Opuwo late afternoon/evening the day before departure (venue to be advised).
We will have a nice braai, get to know one another and brief everyone on the upcoming 4×4 adventure.


Day 1:

After breakfast we will spend much of the morning to replenish supplies, refuel all tanks, as this is our last opportunity for the next 800km.

We travel along the main road to reach the famous Epupa Falls early afternoon.

The beautiful and scenic campsite will allow for a walk to Epupa Falls, swimming or guided tour to learn
more about the traditional Himba tribe, or simply relax under the Makalani palm trees.


Day 2:

Today we back-track for 75km and then drive the rocky trail towards the well-known and famous Van Zyl’s Pass.

Travelling will be extremely slow until we ‘crawl’ down the adrenalin-rush-creating Van Zyl’s Pass and reach the beautiful Marienfluss.

The mountains open up into a more savannah-like landscape with lots of oryx, springbuck, and ostrich. Here we will set up ‘wild’ camp overlooking the Desert.

Day 3:

After breakfast we travel North towards Kunene River through Hartmanns Valley until we reach the ‘Point-of-no-return’, where the northern dune fields separate us from the Atlantic Ocean.

From here we enter- and travel through the dunes until we reach Kunene waterfall, where we camp at the river with lovely water-pools and scenery for plenty photographic opportunities.

Day 4:
After breakfast we leave Kunene waterfall and traverse through the dunes until we reach the most Western side of the Hartmann Valley.

We travel through typical Kunene country until we get to Marble campsite with the marble quarry.

We camp under large Mopani trees at a community campsite.

Day 5:

Today we cross the great Otjika plains towards Orupembe. We travel down Khumib River until we cross over into the Hoarusib River.

Abundant wildlife, such as giraffes and elephants await us now. We proceed down the Hoarusib River until we reach Purros Community campsite, where we will camp for the night.

Day 6:
With a full stomach we now travel down Purros Canyon for the next 20km (lots of water, green pastures) until we leave the riverbed to traverse across the Ganias Flats until we reach the Hoanib River.

We travel up the Hoanib River past Elephant Song Village and hope to catch a glimpse of the Hoanib lions. We set up camp near Sesfontein.


Day 7:

We refuel at Sesfontein and cruise via Palmwag all the way to Springbokwater. From here back West to Torra Bay on the Skeleton Coast.
We now travel through Toscaninis Diamond area to the Ugab entrance gate. Proceeding to Cape Cross’ newly established camping site with the seal colonies to view, as well as bristling diamond history of the area. This will be our last social evening together on this trip.

Day 8:

After a good breakfast we leave Cape Cross toward Henties Bay where the trip officially ends.

You can either overnight at Henties Bay or continue a further 80km to Swakopmund, where you can enjoy the luxuries of civilization whilst planning your next adventure with us.